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Kiva Collectors

What are the Collectors groups for ?

On Kiva to each loan is assigned (among others) those 4 properties:

A bit of History

Initially a team named Crazy Country Collectors (CCC) was created in 2009. Members of this team helps other members by sending a message when a loan is avalaible in a "rare" country on Kiva. A "rare" country is a country which has only a few loan per year, for example only 2 loans from Panama have been listed as of today (Jan 2014).

Since after 4 years many members had made at least one loan in each country they started to talk about collecting something else, for example Activities. After a few months some members of this group noticed that most messages weren't related to Country collecting anymore so they created their own groups.
  1. A Country (about 73) ;
  2. A Sector (~15) ;
  3. An Activity (~140) ;
  4. A Field Partner (~230) ;
Except for the sectors which are only 15, the goal of the Collectors is to make at least one loan in each Country or to each Field Partner or to a given Activity. To teams helps the Collectors to find the rare items in these 3 categories.

Where do you find this information


On top of a loan page:
kiva sector activity loan

On Kivatools

The most useful ressource is (by Vijay) which displays a lot of statistics in a simple tabular way.

You first choose your stats, from the top menu:

kivatools menu

Then you sort the table by the column you want. for example Number of loans:
kivatools sort table by column
(You can click on the image above to make it bigger).

The new groups

Each time a rare Country or Field Partner shows up, the member who notices it send a message (containing the link to the borrower's page) to the group. That way the other members are notified (probably by email) and can make a loan.

The message sent can be as simple as the one below. It's important to write the Activity ("Well digging (A very rare one)") before you insert the link because the following snippet do not show up in the group description page.
kiva team kathleen smith message

CAC specific information

None yet.

CPC specific information

None yet.

CCC specific information

Please do not post any of the above categories links in this group.


Warning: as there are 140 activities and 230 Field Partners, collecting all of them is a lengthy process, you should probably make a loan for the ultra rare items first (let's say the first 5 or 10) as soon as they show up.

You're welcome to join my team Kathleen.