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BOINC installation guide

Preliminary information

First you need to open an account on the World Community Grid website. From the web site you can:
  • Choose on which sub-project you want to participate, or not
  • Change mail preferences statistics
  • Look at your own statistics, or the team statistics
The BOINC project name is "World Community Grid"
The team name is "Free Donne" with a space and without the quotes.

You can participate to several projects, but we have only a team on the World Community Grid because we think that they offer the projetc with the more benefit for the humanity, that is, medical research.

Create your account

Fill out the fields. As you can see the team name "Free Donne" is already selected.

Select your (sub)  projects

Note that this list change over time, your can select one or many.

Since you always want your computer to have work to do, you can check those boxes too:

Download the BOINC client

kathleen smith boin team free donne

Click Download now, and save the downloaded file

Run the installer

Then run the installer by double clicking on the .exe file (on Windows).

As you can see it's a standard Installshield installer procedure.

Please accept the license terms after reading them (or not) and click next.

At least the last 2 options should be checked. Regarding the screensaver, that's up to you. We prefer to disable it and use our normal/default screensaver.
Running as a service means that you won't have to relaunch the program each after reboot : it'll start itself after a few minutes.
The last option allows anyone to pause the program for example, if they find it annoying (?).
Click Next.

Finish the installation.

On start the following screen will be displayed :

Enter your username and password, as defined on the World Community Grid website.
Upon success the following screen will show up.

This screen is the "simple view" you don't want that, you want to see what's happenning :

Click on Advanced view.

Wondeful ! See how you're connected to the project "World Community Grid" your account name should be displayed in the Account column and the team is "Free Donne".

Have a look at the Messages tab :

This machine has 2 processors at 2.4 Ghz. The number of floating points operation per second is 2311 and 4787 for integer calculations. That's not bad.
There is a line which shows that BOINC will stop if the processor (CPU) load exceed 25% (e.g. if you start using more than 1/4 of the available power).

The Tasks tab will show that 2 tasks are running (which is the default on a dual core processor). You can change the preferences to use only 1 core, but it's probably a better idea to use all of them a little bit rather than disabling some.
In the case below all the download sub-project tasks where Help Conquer Cancer.

When BOINC needs to contact the project server (hosted by IBM) it will display what it is doing in the Messages tab :
As you can see the images are very small, several are loaded in the same second (this is on a personnal ADSL line). The file name format is not the same for each sub-project, hfcc is Help Fighting Childhood Cancer, hcmd is Help Conquer Muslcular Dritrophy, etc.
See how the program suspended itself for 10 seconds at the end of the download.

Parameters adjustments

You can change BOINC settings from the Advanced / Preferences menu:

Default parameters

As you can see, specifying 100% of the processors will use all available cores (2 in the following case), and the max processor time will be 60%. The behavior is shown on the right, in the Windows Task Manager window. If it was set to 50% of the processors, one of the "CPU Usage History" would have been flat at 0, and if 100% CPU time was specified the green line would have been flat on the top. See next screen shot.

Dedicated machine parameters

In case your machine is 100% dedicated to BOINC, you can raise the value of % CPU time to 100%. See the effect on the right.

Minimum impact settings

Some of you may want BOINC to stop as soon as something is going on on the machine. Lowering the threshold percentage is the value you may want to change.
Note that 5% is really very low but was handy for taking a screenshot (reloading the web page was enough to stop BOINC) )25% is a more reasonable value.

Check computer status

With the help of cpu-z and HW monitor you can check that your processor is not overheating.

More advanced settings

It is possible to do more advanced settings of BOINC. If your computer is really fast (for example a 4-core processor) you might just want to limit the processor usage by the temperature of the core (and maybe the noise of the fans) rather by giving an absolute value. It's also a good idea to setup a maximum value for the processor temperature, in case this temperature is reached, the BOINC process will stop/start to keep the temperature below the limit.
Please visit the Advanced Settings BOINC page.