Our sponsor page & web sites

If you join ANY of our project (e.g. you give CPU/GPU time, you join our Kiva Team, you host one of our servers, you donate more than $10), you are entitled to get:
  1. your name or the one of your company on
  2. your own website (hosted by Google App) under the domain name (e.g.

Donate money for a Kiva loan

free donne donation donate dollars kathleen smith memorial fund on
If you want to donate $25 or more, you can do it directly on register, join the team, and make one or more loans. Note that in that case you lend money,  you do not donate, but that's the purpose of the team!

The following widget is for people who do not have $25 or do not want to register on Kiva. Paypal fees will apply if you donate by credit card. There are no fees if the money moves from one paypal account to ours.
We will soon add an option for United States account holders with lower fees (e.g. Paypal account bound to an US account).

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The list of loans made with the money transferred by the above method will be listed here.

Donate Hardware

We are looking for the following (can be used/second hand equipment):
intel core i7 team free donne kathleend smith grid computing
  • Any cheap graphic card with VGA connector, fanless.
  • ATI or nVidia GPU for compatible with Folding@Home.
  • Motherboard supporting AMD 4 or 6 core CPU's (socket AM3).
  • AMD 4 or 6 cores CPU (Phenom II).
  • Motherboard with socket Intel 1366.
  • Intel Core i7 processor.
  • Memory sticks DDR3 1Go or higher.
  • Efficient CPU cooler.
  • Apple MacMini (PowerPC or Intel).
  • If you're in Paris, France, we are looking for a machine room that can host at least 1 PC (in that case you donate electricity and a tiny bit of network  bandwidth).
Here is the link to our shop if you want to buy those parts new (for example to build your own computer).